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Alhamra Publishing - based in Islamabad, Pakistan, and Bertem, Belgium - publishes and distributes quality books in English and Urdu in various domains: fiction, poetry, literary criticism, non-fiction, languages, history, education, religion, children's books, etc. We also publish Urdu literature in English translation, and foreign literature in Urdu translation.  Classics of Urdu literature which are out-of-print are also published using modern technology. In order to facilitate reading of classic literature, many of our titles include meanings of difficult words, which are provided at the bottom of the page as footnotes or in the form of a glossary at the end of the book. Among our most important series are:

  • Alhamra Afsana Series (Urdu Short Story Series)
  • Alhamra Zinda Adab Series (Urdu Living Literature Series)
  • Alhamra Shairi Silsila (Urdu Poetry Series)
  • Alhamra Junior Series (Children’s Classics in English)
  • Alhamra Bilingual Series (Urdu-English; Persian-Urdu, etc.)
  • Alhamra International Bestsellers Series ( in English, and in Urdu translation)
  • Alhamra World Classics Series


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