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The Selected Poems of

Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi


Translated by

Prof. Sajjad Shaikh


Peerzada Ahmad Shah Nadeem Qasimi is famous in the literary world as Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi. He was born on 20th Nov., 1916, at Angah, a small, beautiful mountaineous village in Soon Valley, District Khushab. Like millions of Pakistani children, he started his educational career with the study of Holy Quran at a local mosque. After his father's death in 1924, he was brought up and educated by his uncle, Khan Bahadur Peer Haider Shah, an Extra-Assistant Commissioner who was once a class fellow of Allama Iqbal. He was well versed in Persian, Arabic, Classical Oriental Literature, and Muslim Theology and the influence of his teachings is very obvious in the life, views and works of Qasimi.


  1. In the Hira of my heart, I asked nothing
    from my God, but you !
    You are my First, and you are my Last !
    You are my ultimate aim and you are my final destination.

  2. After God, you are my sole support,
    and only sustainance.
    Poor me ! Cordoned, all alone !
    Jungle of History is spread in all the four directions.
    Enemies are lying in ambush. And those, our own,
    are also taking aim.

  3. How many Testaments have I closely perused !
    Half are full of Darkness, half are full of Light !
    You are the ultimate reality, you are personified Truth.
    All else is nothing but a mere illusion !

  4. Thousands of Sages came down here to
    populate the wilderness of Soul.
    Your little clouds enveloped the deserts,
    while their rainful clouds went to burst on rivers.

  5. Temples are standing stupefied, and,
    idols are prostrate at your feet.
    How various were the stones,
    that broke, targeted by your Beauty.
  6. You clarified the concept of evolution,
    you awarded meanings to life.
    Your existence is the affirmation of God.
    Had you not existed, nothing would have existed.


Wherefrom can I retrieve
that lost chessboard of life
which was once spread from here to heavens.
Each home offered trials of love.
Chessmen held their violent contests
and multitudes were mercilessly massacred.

Wherefrom can I receive such leisure to love
which once had gathered together
all the four corners of the horizon
into a well-knit knot of unity.
When the cosmos and all its systems
were rolled into a ball
and tossed upwards.
Wherefrom can I regain the Faith,
such unflinching Faith
which had turned every moment into Eternity,
and made everything much more meaningful.

Now there is mist
and everlasting stillness,
and a long journey
to some unkown destination.
And far from here,
across the horizontal line
is written an utterly senseless statement.


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