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Urdu - The Final Book


Ibne- Insha




My God, Your God, The King


Once upon a time, there was a king who was very wise, very kind and very just. During his reign, his land prospered and his subjects loved  him dearly. Evidence for this comes not only from the pamphlets issued by the Department of Information at that time, or from press-notices, but also from His Majesty’s autobiography.

During the reign of King Jamjah, there was complete and universal freedom. People were free, the press was free; anyone could say what he liked, provided that he spoke in praise of the king and not against him.

The reign of the king was renowned for its progress and conquests. Everywhere prosperity was visible. Not a word of criticism could be made. People who were millionaires became billionaires. The administration ran so smoothly that rich people took up their gold and travelled from one end of the land to the other.

Sometimes they even travelled abroad. No one had the right to ask where the gold had come from or where it was going to.

There was great emphasis on spiritual matters. Several mystics would see the king off at the airport and then spend forty days fasting for his prosperity. In his heart he possessed unbounded forgiveness and mercy. If anyone came to him to complain that someone else had confiscated his property, even though he might be the king’s nearest and dearest relative, he would be pardoned with the utmost clemency. Indeed, the one who complained would be upbraided for finding fault with others.

When the king grew tired of ruling, taking his cheque-book with him, he disappeared from the world and went to live in the mountains.

Some say he is still alive. May God have mercy on his soul.



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