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The Bustan of Sadi


Sa'di Shirazi


" I traveled in many regions of the globe and passed the days in the company of many men. I reaped advantages in every corner, and gleaned an ear of corn from every harvest. But I saw none like the pious and devout men of Shiraz - upon which land be the grace of God - my attachment with whom drew away my heart from Syria and Turkey. I regretted that I should go from the garden of the world empty-handed to my friends, and reflected: "Travelers bring sugar-candy from Egypt as a present to their friends. Although I have no candy, yet have I words that are sweeter. The sugar that i bring is not that which is eaten, but what knowers of truth take away with respect." When i built this Palace of Wealth, I furnished it with ten doors of instruction...Sa'di brings roses to the garden with mirth. His verses are like dates encrusted with sugar - when opened, a stone, is revealed inside..."



Chapter 1

Concerning justice, Counsel and the Administration of Government

The goodness of God surpasseth imagination; what service can the tongue of praise perform?
      Keep, O, God this king, Abu Bakr, beneath whose shadow is the protection of the people, long established upon his throne, and make his heart to live in obedience, to Thee. Render fruitful his tree of hope; prolong his youth, and adorn his face with mercy.
     O, King! Deck not thyself in royal garments when thou comest to worship; make thy supplications like a dervish, saying: “O, God! Powerful and strong Thou art. I am no monarch, but a beggar in Thy court. Unless Thy helps sustain me, what can issue from my hand? Succor me, and give me the means of virtue, or else how can I benefit my people?”
      If thou rule by day, pray fervently by night. The great among thy servants wait upon thee at thy door; thus shouldst thou serve, with thy head in worship upon God’s threshold.

Nushiravan’s Counsel to His Son

Thus, when at the point of death, did Nushiravan counsel his son Hormuz:
  “Cherish the poor, and seek not thine own comfort. The shepherd should not sleep while the wolf is among the sheep. Protect the needy, for a king wears his crown for the sake of his subjects. The people are as the root and the king is as the tree; and the tree, O son, gains strength from the root. He should not oppress the people who have fear of injury to his kingdom. Seek not plenteousness in that land where the people are afflicted by the king. Fear them that are proud and them that fear not God.”


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